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Lucy Amis

The Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee leads the race on Human Rights. Will other organising committees follow in their wake?
23 July 2014 | by Lucy Amis
This week the Scottish city of Glasgow gets set to welcome 4,500 athletes from 71 nations as it hosts the XX Commonwealth Games. Potentially a billion people will be watching the Commonwealth Games, the third mega-sporting event (MSE) to be held this year. But it is very much the younger sibling of bigger events like the FIFA World Cup over the summer in Brazil and the winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Roel Nieuwenkamp

Qatar 2022: Three Rana Plazas in Slow Motion?
14 July 2014 | by Roel Nieuwenkamp and John Ruggie
The World Cup has been a beloved tradition since 1930 and every four years it attracts millions of fans from around the world to cheer on their teams. Sadly however, the event is no longer just fun and games.

John Ruggie

The Past as Prologue? A Moment of Truth for UN Business and Human Rights Treaty
08 July 2014 | by Prof. John Ruggie, IHRB Chair
Calls to regulate transnational corporations (TNCs) through an international treaty instrument go back to the 1970s. Pressure for a treaty has come most persistently from activists, and more intermittently from developing countries. A recent civil society assessment sums up the record to date: “All these efforts met with vigorous opposition from TNCs and their business associations, and they ultimately failed.”

Prince Zeid Raad al Hussein

The Human Rights Commissioner needs to get down to business
22 July 2014 | OpenDemocracy.net
by Scott Jerbi and Salil Tripathi
Amidst many priorities, the High Commissioner must focus on the problem of ensuring companies respect human rights, at a moment when a hard fought consensus on how to do so is at risk of unravelling.

Business and Human Rights: Opportunities for Leadership in Africa
5 August 2014

The Institute for Human Rights and Business and The International Corporate Accountability Roundtable Co-Host: Business and Human Rights: Opportunities for Leadership in Africa. Join us for a discussion to move forward a robust business and human rights agenda in Africa. August 5th, 2014, Washington, D.C.

Submission to OHCHR on the Study "Corporate Liability for Gross Human Rights Abuses"
30 June 2014
The Institute for Human Rights and Business welcomes the opportunity to offer comments to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in response to the request for submissions regarding the paper, Corporate Liability for Gross Human Rights Abuses: Towards a Fairer and More Effective System of Domestic Law Remedies (2014), prepared by Dr Jennifer Zerk.

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